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About Us...


Oh My Dog grooming studio will give your dog the individual attention and care your dog deserves.


We have owned both large and small breed dogs and believe that these beautiful animals deserve nothing but the utmost care, love and attention.  Having had a variety of breeds over the years has taught us not only that each breed is different and has different needs but how each coat type requires unique care and attention for maintaining optimum health.


As avid dog lovers and qualfied groomers we believe that the relationship between groomer and dog is one of trust and understanding, for the dog to feel loved and cared for in a relaxed and safe environment. We provide one on one with your fur baby giving him or her 100% of our full attention from start to finish of their groom. 


Our focus is quality not quantity and to give your pooch a happy  grooming experience he or she will want to come back for. We will work with you to provide the type of groom you would like wheather it be breed standard or to suit your dogs lifestyle.


We cater for small to large dogs in our home based business, your dog is not left to a pack enviroment.

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