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Our fur babies skin is the largest organ on their body and requires regular grooming and brushing to ensure it is kept in its optimum health and condition.  Matts are very painful and uncomfortable and left can cause hotspots and baldness due to them pulling at them. Regular brushing will also lengthen time frames between grooms. To ensure the continued health of my pet clients please ensure your vaccinations are kept up to date.



Full groom service includes

    -  Nail trimming

    -  Ear plucking and cleansing

    -  Bath using non allergenic and natural soap free shampoos and conditioners with massage

       Oatmeal baths for sensative skins or skin irritations

    -  Blowdry

    -  Complete brushout

    -  Coat shine and cologne

    -  Full clip styled to breed profile or owners requirements

    -  Full card (removal of undercoat) for pets that do not require clipped grooms

       (For those dogs that require both clipping and undercoat removal they get both)



Additions - price of additions will be on time spent

    -  De matting  - removal of fur matts

    -  Shave down  - for heavily matted dogs where painful dematting is not an option


Small and Toy breeds    $65

Medium breeds            $75
Large breeds from        $85 



Mini Groom                       

    -  Bath and blowdry

    -  complete brushout

    -  Ears and nails checked and attended to as needed

    -  A tidyup of face and eyes

    -  Coat shine and colonge

    -  Short coat dogs from $35 - Long coat breeds from $55
   Please note - Mini Grooms are not for matted dogs. 




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